Day 3 in Hong Kong; I had a nice cheeky lay in. The end.



Just kidding.

Although my feet wish I wasn’t (disclaimer: I will be moaning about my feet for the next few years, bear with me).

Today was time to explore Hong Kong Island. I had been taking advantage of the wonderful Klook again, and had booked tickets for the peak tram and sky terrace which are up on Victoria Peak giving you fabulous 360 views of Hong Kong. I was to meet a Klook guide at Central station (the Hong Kong one, not NYC obvs) where they would walk us to the peak tram VIP line where we got to skip the queue. Ah yes, it’s nice to be a VIP for something. It was lucky I had booked to do it this way, as when we approached the peak tram terminal, the normal queue was huuuuuuuge. My feet were thanking me as we were frog marched past all of those suckers people and to the front of the Klook line. There was still a bit of a wait for the tram as we filtered into the front of the regular queue, but nothing too dramatic. Now this “tram” is more like a funicular (don’t you love that word, reminds me of The Grand Budapest Hotel) railway, that takes you up a very steep track to the top of Victoria Peak. It was a pretty cool experience, just don’t look down! We were told that sitting on the right side of the tram gave you the best views, which definitely was true. I am suprised that such an old vehicle can still chug its way up such a steep track carrying so many people, they don’t make them like that anymore aye!

Once at the top you arrive in a big mall-like building and have to go up like 5 escalators until you reach the sky terrace. These escalators are right next to huge glass walls with some, erm, pretty high views. They made me slightly nervy, but impressed at the same time!

Once on the sky terrace the views were wonderful. It was a tad foggy and cloudy that day so they weren’t as clear as you would want, but still pretty awesome!

With all the gorgeous views absorbed I was ready to absorb some food in ma belly. I saw a sign for Bubba Gump Shrimp as I entered the mall, and I had always wanted to eat there, despite the fact that I hate fish… yes, I know, very odd choice of eatery for a fish-hater, but I do love Forest Gump! So I checked the menu quickly to find something non-fishy and my eyes settled on the mother of all non-fish meals – a cheese and bacon burger (yes okay, another burger, I love burgers leave me alone). So I headed on in and was seated next to the window with some more spectacular views. There were also black kites flying all over the mountain which was wonderful. I asked the waitress what birds they were and she didn’t know, but one of the other waitresses said “golden eagle” as she walked by. I was like “wow, golden eagles! That’s pretty cool, I’ve never seen one of them before”… only to find out later after a quick google search that she was either taking the piss or had no idea herself, as they were very clearly black kites. Awks. I think in Hong Kong they might refer to Kites as Eagles!

Lunch devoured – and very nice it was too – I then headed to another famous Instagram spot – Montane Mansion. As I mentioned in my Arriving in Hong Kongย post, blocks of flats/apartments in Hong Kong are called “mansions” and there are literally thousands of them that tower up for hundreds of storeys. Montane Mansion is one particularly photogenic building, as it forms a perfect rectangle in the middle. To look up and see the thousands of tiny little flats that people actually live in is insane. Population is a problem in Hong Kong so every little space is filled, I’m sure you’ve heard of the documentaries about the world’s tiniest living spaces – most of them are in Hong Kong!

After getting my fill of photos from Montane Mansion I decided to call it a day and head back to the hostel to get my beauty sleep and apologise to my swollen feet!


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