So ooooobviously, you wouldn’t go to Vegas without visiting some of the Casino/Hotel complexes there, the same applies to the Vegas of Asia – Macau.

I planned to visit the Cotai Strip in Macau, a strip of (the best) casinos all in a pretty row, this included Studio City, The Parisian and The Venetian which were the three on my list to explore!

I got one of the free shuttle buses from Taipa Ferry Terminal straight to Studio City to start with. I believe this is one of the resorts that is unique to Macau but I am not entirely sure. It is AMAZING. I have never been to Vegas yet so have never really experienced the whole casino/hotel complex and the sheer magnitude of size and entertainment they all contain.

Studio City has huge movie set type “streets” inside that have designer shops each side – I’m talking stores that I have never even seen before of prestigious designers like Balmain etc. It was a bit overwhelming at first as there is just so much to see. Studio City had some sort of Dinosaur exhibition going on when I visited, and they had random animatronic dinosaurs placed around the complex. They also had CGI Dinosaur videos playing on giant screens. Studio City also has a huge figure eight ferris wheel built into the building called the Golden Reel!

As I was wandering around I spotted one of the signs pointing up to a higher floor that said “Batman Dark Flight” on it, so being a big Batman geek I was immediately like OOOOKAY what is this and how do I do it. So I followed the signs and found it – it was an actual 4D ride, inside a casino resort. So exciting! I walked towards the ticket desk and also saw signs for a thing called Warner Bros Fun Zone and was like, YES I shall do it all! When I got to the desk and asked the lady for one of the combo tickets with the Batman ride and the Warner Bros Fun Zone she politely explained that the Fun Zone was for children. I fought the urge to have a tantrum and just paid for a ticket to the Batman ride.

When you first walk into the ride area there are little exhibits of “Wayne Enterprises” technology, then you walk through to a room with a hollogram of Lucius Fox who explains about this new ship/plane type technology that has been developed. He is then interrupted and is told the Joker is causing havoc in Gotham blah blah. So you are then ushered into another room that is like a huge industrial lift type thing, where there are various screens and command centres and batman’s suit etc. It then shows on the screen the Joker and Harley Quinn getting up to all kinds of nonsense in Gotham using “hysteria” gas that makes you hysterically laugh and then die (lol). The green gas then starts pouring into the room we are in. We are then taken to the actual ride bit, where there is a GIANT screen that curves around the room – think IMAX cinema – and seats in rows. You sit on the seat, tuck your bag in the pocket underneath and put your seatbelt on. The seats then rotate up so your legs are dangling and the ride begins! It is like you are in the newly developed plane helping Batman defeat the Joker flying all over Gotham and it is so cool! It’s like being in a theme park but inside a hotel/casino! Once exiting the ride they have a gift shop and everything!ย Highly recommend.

Once finished in Studio City I walked down to The Parisian. Honestly, I was walking along talking to myself about how insane these buildings are – people probably thought I was mental. They are on another level, just the detail and the sheer size is completely overwhelming. The Parisian was beautiful, obviously complete with its own Eiffel Tower as standard. The lobby was incredible, with a giant fountain and beautiful ornate ceiling murals.

All of the “streets” with shops on them in the Parisian were so pretty, with flowerboxes everywhere and green shrubs. They also had those people painted copper pretending to be statues – which I didn’t even notice were there until one of them reached out to me whilst I was in my own world and scared the s*** out of me!

I had a quick look at how much it costs to go up to the top of the replica Eiffel Tower but it was like ยฃ15, and I have been up the REAL Eiffel Tower so I decided to give it a miss and head on over to The Venetian. As I was leaving the Parisian in the lobby they had a sort of Moulin Rouge performance going on – with very scantily clad ladies in those skimpy burlesque type outfits, which attracted a large audience with their phones filming them!

One thing I did notice was how amazingly GOOD each casino smelt. Each of them had its own unique scent as well and it was so strong. It was like someone was following you around spraying expensive perfume. I Googled it to see if this was an actual thing, and it turns out that each casino has boxes of oils in the vents that blow out their signature scent into the entire resort – magic!

The Venetian was also magnificent. Judging from photos I have seen of the Vegas Venetian I am pretty sure it is very similar. The iconic pink hued Venetian streets, jelly-bean-blue waters with ornate gondolas floating around and that pale blue sky. So very pretty! I was very hungry at this point so I settled down in the food court for a while to rest my feet and have a late lunch. I then wandered around looking at all of the fancy shops and all of the scenery until I decided to call it a day!

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