So whilst I was in Hong Kong I luckily saw the Instagram story of a famous Instagrammer I follow and she was posting photos from her visit to the Pixar The Friendship Event at the Laforet Museum in Harajuku, which I had never heard of and didn’t even know existed. Being the big Disney and Pixar lover (have you noticed yet?) that I am, I immediately added it to my list of things to do whilst in Tokyo.

The museum is in Harajuku and is really easy to find, it is on the top floor of the Laforet Shopping Mall building. The event is actually called Pixar The Friendship Nakama to Isshoni Boken no Sekaie, which translates to “Let’s go on a journey with our friends”. It basically consists of lots of different photo sets created of most of the well-known Pixar films, where you can go around and take photos in front of them all. I know when describing it it sounds pretty boring. But when you see each little set it is so so cute. The detail and the props just make it amazing!

I’ll show you….

With Kevin and Doug from Up
Roo roo! In Becky’s bucket from Finding Dory
You make me un poco loco! With Miguel and Hector from Coco
Wait a minute, I just lit a rocket? Rockets explode! 
Attending Monsters University with the lads
Controlling Riley’s emotions with the Inside Out gang

There is a member of staff at the majority of the sets to take a photo for you, but on the few where there was no staff member I simply asked a random person to take the photo, everybody was very friendly!

There is also a little gift shop afterwards selling exclusive, collaborative merchandise especially designed for the event, such as standard things like bags, mugs, clothes and stationary etc.

The exhibition is on until the 13th of May 2018, so if you’re a big Disney Pixar fan and are in Tokyo any time soon, go check it out!


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