Day 2 in Tokyo was going to be very exciting! But first I had to transfer to my THIRD Tokyo pod hostel in 3 days! This one was Nine Hours Shinjuku and it was like being in a spaceship.

A definite upgrade from my last one, as it had ample room to sit up and wriggle about. Plus the locker could fit my entire backpack in which was super handy. Once I dropped my bags off, I began the day by heading to famous Tokyo temple – Senso-Ji. This was my first Japanese temple and it was very pretty. It was extremely crowded though and the weather was a bit crappy. It wasn’t the idyllic, serene temple setting you think of when imagining Japan, it was literally slap bang in the middle of the city. No gardens or anything. But it was still very pretty.

I set up my tripod in one area ready to take some photos, but people kept walking in front of the camera – a common problem when you travel solo and rely on a tripod to take your photos! An American lady was watching and started laughing and saying it’s always the way! She then kindly offered to take some photos of me, and went all out telling me where to stand and where to look. She asked about my St Christopher necklace (that my lovely nan got me) and whether he was looking after me, to which I replied – at the minute! Once she finished taking the photos she then gave me hug because she’s a hugger and because “your mom’s not here”. Bless her!

Now came the most exciting part: exploring Harajuku! I was so excited to go here as it is somewhere I have wanted to explore for ages. Maybe it has something to do with Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls song or something! I began at the sign for the well known Takeshita street and that lead me on a journey of crazyness.

The shops are nuts. The window displays are colourful and elaborate and fun! They have everything from Gothic shops, vintage shops, burlesque shops, cafes and LOADS of crepe shops!


It was wacky and wonderful. I had a couple of shops on my list that I wanted to visit that I had seen people write about or post photos of. So I put them into Google Maps and created a route. My first stop was the Line Friends store which is actually home to a GIANT brown teddy bear! He was very cute and very cuddley. They mainly sell cartoony animal kind of products in this store, I don’t know if it’s a popular character or something in Japan.

The next store I mainly just wanted to see the outside of, because it is seriously cute – Bubbles! I believe it is a clothes store

Stylenanda was the next one, a makeup shop -my favourite type of shop – and it has this cool little photo area upstairs with giant makeup props and a lounger type chair. The makeup products look really good quality too!

I also really wanted to see the mirrored escalator entranceway that is quite popular in photos. I originally thought it was for Harajuku train Station before I got here, but it’s actually for the Tokyo Plaza Omotesando shopping centre.

Now it was lunch time! So this particular cafe I had found out about a while ago and it looked perfectly mental, and if you can’t go to a bat-s*** crazy cafe when you’re in Japan then when can you go right?!

Ladies and gentleman, I give you: Kawaii Monster Cafe.

We have singing, dancing, cross dressing, moving cake stages, giant milk bottles hanging from the ceiling, huge jellyfish bars, giant mushroom tables. Speaking of mushrooms.. that’s what it felt like I was on. It was trippy as hell! The menu was just as insane, but in a good way! First off it was an iPad, yep, Japan is in the future. I settled on chocolate chicken and their signature fries that come with an assortment of colourful flavoured dips.

The food was A-maz-ing. It was so yummy. I have always wanted to try chocolate on meat – probably since seeing that dinner party scene in the movie Chocolat. It was heavenly, such a good combo! The fries were lovely as well and I liked all of the dips (except the Wasabi mayo, how anyone can enjoy wasabi is beyond me, it just tastes like you’re eating nail varnish remover!).

After I finished my food, that’s when the show began. All of the crazily-dressed staff hopped up on the rotating cake stage and did some funky dance thing. It was weird… but hey, I guess that’s the idea!


After this I headed to something I only found out about whilst in Hong Kong, via an Instagrammer I follow – the Pixar The Friendship exhibition at Laforet Museum. However I am going to write a seperate post on this so read it about it here!

Once I finished in the museum I went in search of a little cafe called Reissue which I had heard about who can sculpt little cream figures on top of hot drinks based on any photograph you show them. So OBVIOUSLY I had to show them a photo of my beloved westie dog Daisy. They took a photo of my photo and then about 15 minutes later… voila! Here she was 😍 Cuteness overload and it’s just like her!

Harajuku is an absolute MUST SEE if you ever come to Tokyo. It embodies the crazy, Kawaii Tokyo style and everything is just so cool with so much to see and do!

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