Drip drip drop little April showers.

Torrential. Rain. That is what I woke up to the morning I was to be heading off to Disney Sea. I guess it’s apt that it’s called Disney Sea as I may as well have been in the bloody sea seeing as I got drenched the second I stepped off the train. There was an actual “gail” warning from the Japanese weather office that popped up on the weather app too, wind and rain ooo how fun!

The Disney trains are adorable by the way, I know I mentioned this in my Hong Kong Disneyland Post but they are!

Tokyo Disney Sea is a very unique Disney park, in that it is (obviously) based on a seas/ocean theme and is more themed for adults (they serve alcohol!) and the park has lands and rides that are seen nowhere else in the world. It has been hailed as the world’s best theme Disney park, so I was happy to put this title to the test! It was the 35th Anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland whilst I was there, plus it was Easter – so there was a mixture of Easter and Anniversary decorations across the park.

My first impression through water logged eyes wasn’t great. It’s hard to enjoy the magic of Disney when you are soaked through to your underwear! But I trudged on. Upon researching the parks whilst planning my trip, everyone said to go straight to Toy Story Mania and get a fast pass as this is always the busiest ride and fast passes for it run out not long after opening – so that is what I did. I got there when the park opened and as I approached Toy Story Mania there was already a queue just for the fastpasses. It was pretty long, but it only took about 10 minutes to go down as obviously all it is is getting a fastpass so it only takes a couple of seconds per person. As I got my fastpass and walked off the queue had quadrupled in size, it was madness! My fastpass time was around 12:30ish so I had a bit of time to kill first.

I made my way to the Tower of Terror to queue for that, this only took me about 20 minutes or so, but I was getting rained on every second, so was nice and drenched by the time I got inside. This version of Tower of Terror was good, obviously I couldn’t understand any of it as it was all in Japanese, but the ride was still good as always. I managed to go on it twice during the day!

After this I made a beeline for one of the shops so I could purchase a rain poncho. Not that it made much difference seeing as I was already drenched. But I got one anyway and then just sort of wandered around aimlessly going on rides now and again wherever the wait was short.

I grabbed a caramel milk tea drink at Cape Cod Confectionaries complete with a cute little ShellieMay sleeve. The drink wasn’t all that nice, mainly as it was cold, caramel milk ice tea. Not my kind of thing! But I still drank most of if whilst queuing for Nemo’s Searider.

Nemo’s Searider was pretty cool. Although again, all in Japanese so I didn’t understand it. It’s basically a giant 4d simulator ride where you follow Nemo, Marlin, Dory and some other favourite characters around on an adventure. I love the outside of the ride with the Marine Life Institute from Finding Dory!

Once my jaunt with Nemo was over, I made my way to Mysterious Island as it was now 2 hours after I got my Toy Story Mania fast pass, meaning I was allowed to get my next fastpass! So I grabbed one for Journey to the Centre of the Earth and then went to grab a famous Gyoza sausage bun. It was pretty yummy, but did make me feel a bit sick after a while, so I threw the last tiny bit away.

Seeing as the gail was still in full swing, I headed inside Mermaid Lagoon to try and dry off whilst having a look around. It was so magical in there! It is mostly little kiddie rides, but all of the details and decor is so cute.

The shop in there is even a whale! You walk into its mouth and then the shop is inside its stomach. Adorable!

Later on in the day I went to the Mermaid Lagoon Theatre to watch the King Triton’s Concert show they do there. Once again – it was in Japanese (how dare the Japanese have everything in Japanese!) but it was super cool, Ariel hangs from wires from the ceiling and sings and all sorts. Part of Your World in Japanese? Still lovely!

Then it was time for Toy Story Mania! I made my way back to the Trolley Park and entered the fastpass queue. I still had to queue around 20 minutes or so to actually get on the ride, but who cares when the queue is all themed to be Andy’s bedroom and everything is giant as though we are the toys. Amazing!

This ride is basically a “shooting” type ride where you’re in a little car, you have 3d glasses and it takes you around a track going from screen to screen, and each screen has a different shooting game on it. Some of them you are shooting darts at boards, other times you’re shooting rings over the green aliens. It was so cute and so much fun. Obviously I was appalling at it, as I always am with shooting rides, but I loved it nonetheless!

I took advantage of the Single Rider lines throughout the day, they are always so so so much quicker than the normal queues. I literally walked straight onto Indiana Jones, no waiting at all. This ride was EPIC by the way, you sit in a jeep style car for the ride and it jerks you about all over the place it’s so much fun. Seeing an animatronic Harrison Ford speaking Japanese was also pretty funny. Another ride I went on twice; when you walk straight on in your “own queue” how could I not!

I also literally walked straight onto Raging Spirits in the single rider queue too. Raging Spirits is a roller coaster type ride, it’s very similar to the Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland Paris.

At this point the weather started to clear up a bit, thank God. So I was able to peel off my dripping poncho and take in the sights of the park properly! I wandered over to the Arabian Coast which was just so pretty. I decided to have lunch in the Casbah Food Court, and settled on a chicken curry with rice and naan, very tasty!

They have a two storey carousel in Arabian Coast which I had to be a big kid and go on (top storey obviously), I chose the brilliantly blue Genie to ride on.

I also went on Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage, which is basically like It’s A Small World, except based on a voyage that the sailor Sinbad and his little Tiger Chandu go on. Again in Japanese, but still super cute! The music was also written by Disney songwriting legend Alan Menken which is amazing.

As it was Easter time when I went, they were showing a special Easter Show “Fashionable Easter” during the day at the Meditteranean Harbour, so I settled down on a wall with an okay view of the harbour, with a cheeky wine cocktail which had little grapefruit bubble balls you pop in your mouth in, which was verrrrry tasty.

Now it was time to use my next fastpass and head onto Journey to the Centre of the Earth. For this ride you’re in a little digger vehicle thing (no idea how to describe it) and it is what it says on the tin – a journey to the centre of the earth (like the film). You go slowly through different areas like a crystal forest and bits with magical little creatures. And then *SPOILER ALERT* there’s a huge monster thing and suddenly the ride speeds up massively and whizzes round the track. There’s even a couple of moments where the ride goes outside kind of like a rollercoaster. The way it suddenly speeds up reminded me of the Test Track ride in Epcot, Florida. Decent!

I ended the day watching the night time Disney Sea Show Fantasmic, which was spectacular. As it’s on water they use boats and platforms that are all lit up and they have fire effects and fireworks, it’s fabulous! The Maleficent dragon and Jungle Book snake were my favourite parts.

I would definitely recommend a trip to Disney Sea if you are ever in Tokyo, it is a very unique park with lands and rides that you don’t see anywhere else, plus you can have cocktails and beer as you wander round which is obviously a bonus 😉


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