Yaaaaay. Another long day in Disney! My feet hate me, I think they want a divorce – too much pressure.

But yes, I was still very excited despite my aches! I decided that I didn’t really need to arrive for park opening this time, as I mostly knew what to expect from Tokyo Disneyland as it is the standard castle containing, magic-kingdom-type of Disney park with similar rides, so I had a bit of a lay in and didn’t end up getting there until about 11:15. It was a MUCH sunnier day this time, and I was channelling Belle vibes in my floaty yellow dress (that was very creased from my backpack though damn it – who said rolling clothes stops creases? They lie!), so I felt pretty happy!

Upon entering the park, I grabbed an English park map and then went on the hunt for a big Minnie bow headband that I know they do here. Ideally I wanted a yellow one or a rainbow coloured one which I had seen photos of before, but I was out of luck, as the only colours they did anymore were red, black or lilac. Red it was – rocking those McDonalds colours. I then made a beeline for the Monsters Inc ride to see if I would be lucky enough to get a fastpass even though I arrived into the park late. I was in luck, as there were some left – I managed to bag one with a timeslot for 18:45-19:45. With my Monsters mission accomplished, I then headed to a ride that I know rarely ever has a long wait – Star Tours. I was right as I pretty much walked straight on. It is very similar to the Disneyland Paris version; both are in foreign (to me) languages (French and Japanese obviously) so I still have no clue what is said by any of the characters during the ride, but it’s still fun to see C-3PO jabbering away in worried Japanese. I went on this ride twice during the day and got to notice that there are different versions of the simulation, so the second time I rode it was all different places which I had never realised before, so that was pretty cool.

Then it was time to do the wandering thing. Picking rides at random and taking in the magic! Pooh’s Honey Hunt was closed when I visited which I was so upset about – but I looked beforehand and knew it would be closed so it wasn’t a nasty surprise, but I was still gutted as I know it would have been amazing! The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was so good though, much better than Disneyland Paris. They had a whole, full-blown recreation of the Black Pearl with an animatronic Captain Barbosa on it, and they had Captain Jack Sparrow throughout the ride getting up to mischief. I was kind of hoping Johnny Depp would be there doing that thing he does sometimes in the Pirates rides where he dresses up as Captain Jack and replaces one of the animatronics. No such luck though, damn it.

Of course I had to get a good look at the beating heart of Disney – Cinderella’s castle. It is very similar – if not identical – to the Magic Kingdom castle in Walt Disney World (WDW) Orlando, and the whole park in general is on the same levels size wise and ride wise as WDW too. I went inside Cinderella’s Fairytale Hall which was really cute, they had miniature recreations of some of the scenes in Cinderella as well as a throne you can sit on and a little glass slipper set up where you can try the slipper on.

One ride I was extremely excited about going on was Splash Mountain as I haven’t been on that ride since I was a kid at Walt Disney World and I had great memories of being on it and was eager to see if it was similar to what I remember of the WDW version. Obviously the Tokyo version would be different, but it was still as cute as ever with the bears and the woodland creature theme. The big drop at the end was also equally fun, especially as it was a pretty hot day, nice way to cool off, although the Japanese schoolgirls who were in my log and got totally soaked may not have agreed! This is also the only ride in Tokyo Disneyland with a single rider queue, so I got on the ride within about 15 minutes of queuing, despite the extremely long standby queue.

In contrast to my day at Disney Sea, it was gloriously sunny for my day at Tokyo Disneyland, so at this point I was in dire need of something cold to cool me down – enter the Mickey tropical ice pop. So yum, and of course – Mickey shaped. Plus it matched my dress, so it had to be done really.

As it was the 35th Anniversary of the Tokyo Disney Resort (as well as being Easter) whilst I visited, they had a special new day time parade called Dreaming Up! which was really cute – as all Disney parades are! The Japanese are so polite and organised though that viewing the parades is a much nicer experience in Tokyo than it is elsewhere. Everybody actually sits down to watch the parade, except for the people at the very back who stand up. They even sell special mats that people buy to sit on, it’s a proper thing there! I loved it, you could see everything perfectly over the top of everybody’s heads and it was so nice to rest my feet whilst enjoying the parade.

After the parade tummies were rumbly so I headed back to Tomorrowland to try and find a snack. At all Asian Disney resorts popcorn is a big thing. They have tons of different flavours being sold in little carts all over the parks and you can buy different plastic themed popcorn buckets, which most people end up using as a sort of handbag. So when I visited the popcorn flavours on offer were barbecue, caramel, curry, black pepper, milk chocolate, honey, soy sauce and butter and salt. Yum! I decided to try the soy sauce and butter flavour to see what it was like. It was pretty nice, almost like salt and sweet popcorn with the mixture of the sweet soy sauce and butter.

Once this was demolished I headed into Pan Galactic Pizza Port just to get myself a drink, but I saw that they sold the little mochi balls that I missed out on in Disney Sea (the three aliens mochi balls were sold out when I went!) so of course I had to get those too. These were aptly named “Dark Side Dumplings” and were themed to Star Troopers and Darth Vader which was just awesome. They were so yummy as well! One tasted like chocolate pudding, one like strawberry yoghurt and one was like a tiramisu/toffee kind of flavour. I was buzzing that I got to try the famous Tokyo Disney mochi balls and I highly recommend them to all visitors!

Once again I of course had to make use of Disney’s fastpass feature. At one point I had three fast passes ready to use as the times were all in the evening. It is an absolute must as the stand-by queues can get so long and it feels so good to just walk past the queue smugly with your fastpass in hand!

First up was Thunder Mountain – easily one of my favourite rides in every Disney park (as I have mentioned in my other Disney posts!). So much fun always and Tokyo’s was no exception.

The Monster’s Inc Hide and Go Seek ride was the first fastpass I picked up but the second to actually ride on, and obviously I loved it. Monster’s Inc is one of my favourite Disney Pixar films and it was so much fun shining the little torch on all of the hidden monsters. Obviously once again the ride is in Japanese so no clue what Sully and Mike were saying along the way, but the ride is pretty self-explanatory!

Once Monster’s Inc was finished I had a little bit of time to kill before the next fastpass time for Space Mountain, but I tried to sneak into the fastpass queue a little bit earlier than my scheduled time, but the ride attendants didn’t let me, darn it, so I sort of wandered about a bit questioning what to do, I saw that Buzz’s Astroblasters queue was 30 minutes – although the queue itself looked a lot shorter than that, so I decided to just queue up for that and see how it went. I actually got onto the ride in about 15/20 minutes of queuing so pretty lucky. The ride is pretty similar to all Buzz’s Astroblaster rides in other Disney parks, the same shooting lazer game that we all know and love and that I am terrible at. Yay!

Finally it was time for Space Mountain – not much different than Hong Kong or WDW’s Space Mountain, same old same old fun starry times! They do have an upwards people mover to transport you to the inside of the ride entrance though which was cool!

The day ended with another parade – the Electrical Parade, Dreamlights. Surprisingly different to Hong Kong’s electrical parade. This was more romantic fantasy, whereas Hong Kong was more modern, robot, techonology etc. Loved it, it was so pretty, they had the famous Disney princesses and princes on each individual float with dazzling lights and music, it was so lovely.

This was the last Disney park I was to visit this time round on my trip so it was a little sad leaving! But I enjoy every minute of being in the happiest place on Earth each and every time. You cannot beat the magic of Disney ❤


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